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Hi Orion Folks

Firstly thanks to the swimmers and supporting parents that have taken part in the first two Orio Zoom Live Land Work Sessions, we upped the numbers to 22 for Wednesday’s session. The next session is going to be Saturday morning approx 11am. We have space for many more swimmers, so please join in. To take part on Saturday, if you haven’t already asked to join the Zoomer’s list then please send your request to


I would like to gauge the interest for everyone at Orion to take part in a ZOOM party on one of the up-coming Saturday evenings that we are all going to be staying in for.

I have the technology, I have the music, but I would love to run a Zoom Party if Orion members, swimmers or parents, would be happy to perform something at the party. It could be anything form Stand Up comedy to performing something musical, to bringing us a dance, to bringing some motivation to our current stuck at home lives. All you need is you and your device that you can perform in front of

Please let me know if:
1. You think an on-line party is something that you would like take be part of
2. If you think you would like to contribute something live to the party

Again please email

I look forward to hearing from you all



Wednesday Anaerobic Work Out

Posted by Robin Surgeoner at Apr 21, 2020 12:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

Following the fantastic success of our first Zoom Land Work session and simulation yesterday, and thank you to everyone who took part, we will be running the second session tomorrow (Wednesday) at 6:30pm

Tomorrow’s session will be a faster work out with a competitive challenge – see who can finish first (we will be watching to try to make sure it is all done correctly. We will add times to the leader board, so please do time yourselves too.

The session will be based on Day 3 of the 7 Day Plan and you will need your skipping rope and ideally space to run 10m and back without injuring yourself

Here is a link tot he instruction video on the site – Not sure if you will need to join the site to access the video or if it will play in your browsers (if it doesn’t play you will have to join the website to see the video)

I will send invitations to everyone that signed up yesterday, so if you haven’t signed up yet and want to train with your team meets and see how well, or otherwise they do, then please email with your name, the best email to send the invite to, and which training squad you are in.

Yesterday we had 20 swimmers take part, lets see how many more will join us tomorrow




Hi Everyone,

Today we launch Swimulation – Orion Swimming Club’s very own No Pool Swim Sessions –

The new page on the web site is being coupled with our first ever Orion Live Zoom Session.

Join us and enjoy working out together with coaching instruction from Robin & Josh Surgeoner.

Anyone interested in taking part (including those who already expressed an interest) please email me on with your swimmer’s name and the squad that they swim in. We will email out invitations and joining instructions in time for the live Zoom which will start at 6:30pm.

See You later,

Robin & Josh

All Exercise Videos Now Ready To View

Posted by Robin Surgeoner at Apr 18, 2020 8:09AM PDT ( 0 Comments )

Hi Everyone

The Training Plan and accompanying explanatory videos with coaching points and how to do’s are now all finished edited and ready for your viewing on the web site.

What this means is that you have six individual land work sessions, all targeted towards the specific exercises needed as. swimmer, but with a particular relevance to when you aren’t able to access any water training. I would suggest that J3 and Performance Swimmers can complete the weeks as they are, and that J2 swimmers and below do alternate days so Monday, Wednesday, Friday one week and then Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday the following week.

All of these sessions have been put together by Josh and I. For those of you who don’t know Josh, he is qualified to Masters Level in Sports Physiology, with additional specific strength and conditioning qualifications and elite level experience, and is currently doing a PhD in Physiology.

I must also extend a huge thank you to Josh and all the families that have helped create the accompanying videos.

Lastly for today (I think) there is also an additional video of Milo in the ‘Making Training Fun’ so do check the out, and see what you can make at home to add to this section.

Have a great weekend



Day 5 Video Up and Available

Posted by Robin Surgeoner at Apr 17, 2020 10:31AM PDT ( 0 Comments )

I must apologise that this video has gone up a little late in the day – However it is another fantastic effort this time from Milo Thomas working with Josh to create a great video with clear demonstrations how to do the exercises all in one place.

Thanks to Milo and Josh we also now have the footage for tomorrow’s work out – However things are strangely busy, and Josh has had a lot of PhD work to do and this has caused a slight delay in getting the edited versions finished

Enjoy all the stuff on the web site