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Congratulations to Ellie Sibald-Perkins

Posted by Robin Surgeoner at Sep 1, 2020 1:20AM PDT ( 0 Comments )

Well Done Ellie

Ellie has retained her position on the Swim England Phase 2 National Talent Squad Programme – This is excellent news, and we wish you luck in getting back into full training following your broken wrist, and look forward to seeing you excelling in competition once they start again

Fantastic News for Orion Swimmers

Last week the Swim England Talent Programme 2020-21 selections were announced and Orion wishes to extend congratulations to all those selected but specific congratulations to the following Orion registered swimmers

Emily-Jane (EJay) Surgeoner – Para National Talent Programme.

Skye Henshaw – National Development Programme.

Cameron Wrapson – National Development Programme.

Maia Noonan – – National Development Programme. (Soon to be Ellesmere Titan so additional congratulations to Maia)

Orion continues to develop excellent competitive swimmers so please keep up the hard work and listening to your coaches

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Orion News Brief

Posted by Robin Surgeoner at Aug 14, 2020 4:21AM PDT ( 0 Comments )

Thank You

Firstly Orion would like to thank every member for your patience and understanding through what continues to be very difficult and stressful times. We appreciate that for those we are still not able to offer swimming to, this is even more frustrating, and as lockdown eases and hopefully we get more pool time we will be able to begin to extend what we can offer throughout the club.

We would also like to thank all those parents who have and are continuing to volunteer their services, ensuring that the are Pod sessions can run safely and efficiently, and to all the swimmers for observing the rules and behaving impeccably.

It is also lovely to see so many swimmers continuing with our land work whether they are back in the pool yet or not.

Swim Kit

Again, whether you are in the pool already or preparing to be back in the pool as soon as possible, now is the time to ensure that your kit bags are stocked and ready for any training requirements, check out that you have enough costumes that fit you after four months of growing, and this includes fins. Also please have in your kit, two hats,(Have Orion hats if needed – Robin) two pairs of goggles, hand paddles, pull buoy, kick board (streamline preferably), snorkel and fins, and a tennis ball.

Observing Isolation

Thanking the COVID Team and Coaches and Parents for making and keeping swimming safe for all at Orion. I would like to remind you that if you have been abroad to a destination that the Government have implemented a isolation period, it is imperative for everyones safety that all isolation periods are fully observed, this is not not only a club requirement, this is mandated by law. This is for all activities not just swimming at Orion – If you have been to any of the countries on the isolation list you must stay at home for 14 days after you have returned. If anyone is found to have broken this period, in anyway, then we will need to investigate and potentially have to suspend all swimming for two weeks and be reported. No one would want this to happen, so please put the safety of others as your priority and help us ensure that we can continue to provide safe, Corona free training, as far as we possibly can.

Hi Everyone

Firstly thank you for the amazing effort you have all put in over the lockdown period

Josh and I have seen tremendous growth in your land based fitness and in particular core strength and understanding of how to do great land work

It is essential that you continue to make land work a regular and consistent part of your training and therefore it is our intention to continue to offer Zoom based sessions hopefully three times per week over the next few weeks.

We initially aim to offer those sessions at 11am on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, and these will work together with your pool sessions to get you back to where you were before lockdown and then onwards and upwards as land work becomes a regular part of your ongoing training (this may vary depending on other commitments)

Anyone not already getting Zoom Invites and would like to join please send me your email address and I will add you to the invite list

We look forward to seeing you in a Zoom session very soon



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Return to swimming

Posted by Loz Miller at Jul 16, 2020 9:31AM PDT ( 0 Comments )

Please read important information under “covid 19” + follow links to safety video and guidance
Under documents you will find parent and swimmer declarations to be signed
Under timetable you will find the new EHS timetable from 28/7/20 until the end of August.
Pod members will be sent out via Active