Some Swimming News + Orion BIGGER Night In

Posted by Robin Surgeoner on May 16 2020 at 02:04AM PDT

Some Swimming News

At last the tiniest glimmer of hope appears somewhere near a swimming pool near you. British Swimming, along with many other National Governing Bodies, (NGBs) have been in conversation with the Government about the introduction of training for Elite Athletes. Effectively elite would appear to mean those who would have been likely to qualify for that would have been the 2020 Olympics and Paralympics. Any training that does recommence will be at strictly monitored National Performance Venues, however what it does mean, is that if this is successful, it will offer guidelines and hope for bringing swimming and of course other sports closer to starting again for us mere mortals.

Land Training Continues

Land training ins now available from Orion in 2 formats. Firstly is our 4 times per week land work sessions on Zoom, which are led by Robin & Josh Surgeoner, with these sessions focussed on Swimulation. The idea being that sessions are created around simulating the movements and efforts required in various strokes and distances, utilising both resistance and cardio work to ensure a great work out. I can assure anyone whatever squad you are in that no one leaves these sessions worrying that they haven’t worked hard enough, plus there is a challenge at the end of each session usually with an age differentiation for fairness that everyone, parents included really rise to. The second option is Carl’s Land Work Sessions which he sends out 3 or 4 times a week, with the sessions listed and instructions on how to complete the exercises. These are for those who prefer to work individually or make their own groups up in, and also have challenges at the end. As a club, what we want is that everybody is taking part of one or both sets of sessions. The advantage of the Zoom sessions is that you are being guided through the sessions and we can help ensure that you are doing them safely and effectively and at the same times even week, while Carl’s sessions allow you to do them at a time that suits you but does require a bit more self motivation to ensure you complete the sets properly. If you want to take part in either of these session please either email for the Zoom sessions or for the self directed training.

Orion BIGGER Night In – 7pm Friday 29th May 2020

After the resounding success of the Orion Big Night In, the time and date has been set for the next Orion Social Event, the Orion BIGGER Night In, and tis will run from 7pm until whenever on Friday 29th May. Having set up our own little production studio, Josh and I are able to run these social events and Zoom sessions safely in terms of needing to shield from Corona, but being able to broadcast into everybody’s hoes interested in join us.

Just like the first event, we will pump great quality music into your home designated party areas, we can take requests for songs before the event, and during the party via the chat function, we will run a brand new quiz, written for an all age audience, and just like last time we are looking for swimmers and parents willing to be spotlighted and perform something, indeed anything family friendly, to all of your Orion friends. We will automatically send invites to those on the Land Work Zoom list, but if you and your family want to take part in the Orion BIGGER Night In then please email

Madeira Training Camp

For all those booked to go to Madeira, we have agreed with the providers in Madeira to postpone the camp until such time that it is safe and sensible to travel abroad, which is liklly at the moment to mean the camp will be in one of the half term breaks in February, May or October 2021.

Just to close, please keep yourselves safe and well, and whatever the Government says, do not take any risks that you do not need to take. Just because you can go to the beach doesn’t mean that you should go to the beach – I don’t want to be boring, but the more we can keep the lid on this awful virus the sooner we are likely to start returning to an open world


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