Karnell's 100m Breaststroke Swim in the Aquatics GB Swimming Championships

Posted by Orion Swimming Club Birmingham on Apr 05 2024 at 03:42AM PDT

There were many breaststroke swimmers taking part in the Men’s 100m event at London Acquatics Centre. Karnell prepared himself in the training pool and felt good for the race. When Karnell dived in at the start of the race, in the end lane, he looked very powerful and turned in third place at the 50m metre turn in 29.12 secs. The second 50m swim showed a few swimmers, including Karnell, who were having problems keeping up the speed limit. Karnell swam the second 50m in 35.85 secs. There was a Birmingham University swimmer who had the first 50m time of 29.14 secs and the second 50 time in 35.11 secs which is almost identical for the two swimmers who have some training together. Karnell’s time was 1.04.97 – A VERY GOOD ATTEMPT AT SWIMMING ONE HUNDRED PERCENT.

Adam Peaty showed how to swim breaststroke by turning at 50m in a time of 31.44, then timed the second 50m in a time of 27.09 which showed the 100m time of 58.53. Karnell, you can catch him.