Even More Pages of Web Site Fun

Posted by Robin Surgeoner on Apr 03 2020 at 12:19PM PDT

Hi Everyone

Your coaches have been busy creating ideas for land training and ways of keeping you, fit, motivated and interested. WE have been building new pages with the membership section and there is now a great deal of both internally created content and links to other sites with great ideas to keep you going.

The latest two pages are ‘Make Training Fun at Home, and ’Keeping Up with The Batchelors’ – Both of these pages are aimed at mobilising the Orion community into becoming active contributors to the site, sharing you own ideas and what you are up to at the moment, and ultimately keeping a record of what will hopefully be a unique experience in all of our lives.

Other pages include land work plans, tips on warming up, coaching thoughts, technical tips, and the list goes on

Please do come and look at your club’s website and sign to join and access all the additional great information and support – that includes 1:1 video chats with your favourite coach

If you are unsure about joining please email with any concerns that you have

Happy Exercising

Cheers Robin


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