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Posted by Robin Surgeoner on Apr 30 2020 at 03:47AM PDT

WOW It is great to see so many swimmers from across all of the squads joining us for the Zoom Land Work – Anyone concerned that it will be too easy for you, don’t worry, as needed we are differentiating the sets – However where they are cardio based it is all about the effort that you put in.

That brings me to today’s (30th April) session – This will be our third Swimulation session, and is Front Crawl Sprint focussed

Also remember that we are doing our Marathon inspired 26 exercise based programme this coming Saturday (2nd May) morning at 11am

If you want to be included in the Zoom invite list please send me an email to

I am also still hoping to do some kind of social next Saturday evening with music, chat, and possibly a swimming based quiz – anyone willing to perform, send me some tune choices, or create some quiz questions then please let me know at the above email

Just a reminder that anyone can join the Member’s Portal for all the additional home training info, swimming technique and training technical stuff, fun stuff, video hilarity and so on

You do not have to pay to join the web site – however Orion are trying to ensure that they can pay us coaches something for the work we are continuing to do during lockdown, as we cannot be furloughed, therefore for this who are in a position to do so, donations to the coach fund can be made to Orion via the following details.

Also please let me or carl know if you would like a 1;1 These can now be organised with myself through Zoom or with Carl through Skype so please just email us

Cheers Robin

Here is a quote from Loz

_Please remember to donate as R& C are obviously not getting any pay during this time so all money sent via BACs , ref Personal training or PT will fund their work only. _

HSBC plc
B18 6NP
Sort code: 40-11-36
Account number: 41357093
(We are aware that some of you cannot pay so please do not be embarassed to let me know as I know Carl and Robin don’t want anyone to miss out


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