Orion London Marathon Land Work Challenge

Posted by Robin Surgeoner on Apr 28 2020 at 02:01AM PDT

The Land-Work sessions continue to increase in their popularity and Monday 27th April saw I highest total so far – It is so great to see al the swimmers, from across the squads, working together and being inspired by each other’s efforts.

We now have 4 sessions per week, Mon TUes and THurs at 6:30pm and Saturday at 11am

However this Saturday, in recognition of the cancelled London Marathon, we will be running a session which has 26 elements in it to represent each of the miles in the Marathon – Don’t Panic!!! There will be repetitions in the exercises and we will talk through anything that people aren’t sure of.

This will be a challenging session in recognition of the effort that a marathon would normally entail

Many participants in the London Marathon will be raising funds for a charity or club – I realise that this is short notice but if anyone wishes to use this Challenge as a sponsored fund raising opportunity then please do so, and if required we can verify your participation after you have completed the event.

Swimming Skills & Knowledge. There is now a new element in the coaching tips section entitles ‘Principles of Training’. This is equally valid to understanding how you need to train both when you are in the pool and perhaps even more so at the moment in maintaining your fitness.

Have a read – We are always open to comments and all that is being posted and hosted on the web site – so if you haven’t joined yet then please do so and let us have your thoughts too. Remember we are only asking the those to pay who feel that they can – taking part is much more important


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